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pemf therapy for bone fractures and tissue regeneration

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy works by means of creating microcurrents in the tissues of the body, in order to encourage specific biological responses. Specifically, it can relieve pain by repairing damaged bone and tissue without the need to resort to powerful medications that can carry the risk of significant side effects along with the potential for addiction. It can also, in some cases, eliminate the need for surgery.

So, how does it work? It operates on a simple theory of magnetism and electricity. Your body contains a number of electromagnetic fields, and each and every organ and tissue has a unique electromagnetic signature. PEMF identifies and works with the natural electromagnetic functions of your body to facilitate healing. Early research suggests that EMF therapy can be effective in treating a wide range of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and even schizophrenia and cancer. This is very exciting news. But the research is still in its early stages. The research on issues regarding bone and tissue damage, however, are more conclusive.
PEMF and Bone Damage

Scientific evidence is accumulating rapidly in regard to PEMF and how it can work to repair bone damage. Although still in its early stages, the research does suggest that PEMF can improve bone density and increase bone growth. This is based on bone density scores in patients who have had PEMF therapy. The results are not unexpected, because a human being is, at its essence, an electromagnetic entity. Our bodies work on delivering and receiving magnetic or electrical signals. When an electromagnetic system is used that works with our body’s own electromagnetic system, it only makes sense that the outcome will be favorable. This means that the possibilities are very exciting, for all types of bone issues – even osteoporosis.

PEMF works to repair bone damage by triggering a cascade of perfectly natural biological reactions that work to support and repair damaged tissues. The exchange of electromagnetic frequencies between the PEMF machine and the patient’s own body create a therapeutic reaction that is natural and safe.

The principle works the same way in the repair of soft tissues. The electromagnetic pulse works with the patient’s own body in order to deliver low-level electromagnetic pulses that facilitate healing without the need to resort to medications or invasive treatments.
Muscle Relaxation

This same application of magnetic energy can also work to relax the muscles. Essentially, it works by weakening the nerve impulses to muscular cells in such a way that they lose their tension and begin to relax. Needless to say, this not only has a favorable effect on the affected muscles, but also on the whole person. Virtually any muscle spasm can be alleviated, or even eliminated using PEMF therapy. Even back pain and headaches that are caused by muscle tension can be naturally treated using PEMF therapy. It’s a completely natural means of alleviating pain, has no known side effects, and can deliver results instantaneously. Not only is painful muscular tension relaxed, the stress that goes along with the pain and discomfort of tense muscles is considerably alleviated.
Much of the time, doctors prescribe powerful muscle relaxants for muscle tension, but the reality is that there are other methods available. PEMF therapy is highly effective when it comes to easing the discomfort of tense muscles.

PEMF therapy can be very effective in the repair of bone and soft tissue, and can also provide effective relief from overly tense muscles. In many instances, it can even eliminate the need for surgical procedures.

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