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How PEMF Therapy Encourages Healthy Cell Growth and Balances Your Immune System

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is fast gaining ground as an alternative therapy for various types of medical conditions. Practitioners and patients alike attest to its benefits when it comes to relieving pain, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, and enhancing the function of the immune system. The research on PEMF is still in its infancy, but it is believed to encourage and enhance healthy cell growth, restoring damaged tissues.

Essentially, everything works on a principle of magnetism and electrical activity, and this is nowhere more apparent than in the cellular functions of your body. Your brain, for instance, is little more than a means of conducting electrical impulses. And all cellular activity depends on electricity and magnetism. PEMF therapy works with your body to enhance electrical activity, delivering myriad health benefits.

Cellular Replication

You know that DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is what makes you who you are. Unless you have an identical twin, no one else in the world has the same DNA as you. DNA also regulates cellular replication and renewal, and research has shown that DNA is also lined to low-intensity, pulsed magnetic fields. But DNA doesn’t work on its own. It operates in conjunction with RNA (ribonucleic acid), which, like DNA, is present in every living cell. The DNA sends instructions to the RNA, and together they work to effect protein synthesis in your body.

DNA conducts electrons in order to communicate with the RNA. It sounds complicated, but what it means in the final analysis is that the flow of electrons may be linked with changing magnetic fields. PMEF stimulates the communication among cells, and the replication of those cells, by enhancing the magnetic field and the cellular communication. The entire process is improved by PEMF therapy, and tissues regenerate more quickly. Various studies back up this theory, indicating that bones, cartilage, blood vessels, muscles, nerves, and various tissues respond favorably to PEMF stimulation.

New Technology?

PEMF therapy has only just begun to be considered as a credible treatment for various types of tissue damage and immunological disorders, but the reality is that the technology is not all that new. As long ago as December of 2004, a study reported in the Swiss Medical Tribune credited PEMF treatments with relieving pain, improving bone and tissue healing, enhancing blood circulation and stimulating nerve cells. This was exciting news, because it strongly suggested that PEMF therapy was not only effective in treating injuries and disease, it could also assist in cellular regeneration, having a direct effect on DNA and RNA.

The Benefits

When cells are nourished and detoxified, they are healthier. That means that the entire immune system is balanced and strengthened by means of cellular growth and restoration. As healthier cells deliver more oxygen and more nutrients to cells, damage can be corrected and the immune system revitalized.

There is still much research to be done on the benefits of PEMF therapy on healthy cell growth and the balancing of the immune system.  It would seem, though, that this type of treatment could revolutionize the way that we treat immunological disorders and the way in which we manage pain. The future looks very bright indeed, and in fact, many patients are benefiting right now from PEMF therapy. As the research continues, we can expect that even more benefits will be discovered. In the meantime alternative medicine providers will offer this treatment to their patients for the sake of the benefits that are known, and will anticipate those yet to be discovered.


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