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Sciatica is usually caused by disc herniation in the lower lumbar region and it is generally due to injury of the lower back. The symptoms of sciatic nerve pain can range from mild and acute to debilitating and chronic. The most important step to alleviating this type of pain, in either case, is immediate treatment. It has been reported that more than 80% of the U.S. population suffers from lower back pain at one point during their lifetime and more than 3 million ER visits in the U.S. alone are related to it each year.

While the injury is generally in the lower lumbar region, the pain and symptoms are not confined to this area. These symptoms can include excruciating pain; burning sensations; tingling; and numbness. Areas affected often include the lower lumbar region; neck; shoulders; hips; and lower as well as upper limbs. Many patients present with severe migraine headaches, light headedness, and muscular weakness as well. It is vital that suffers seek medical attention for treatment as soon as possible. A professional should perform a physical examination and certain imaging tests for a proper diagnosis. Further, extensive, and irreversible damage may be caused by ignoring the symptoms.

There are several recommended treatments for sciatic nerve pain ranging from Ibuprofen and heat/ice therapy to surgery and harmful pharmaceuticals. One of the most effective and beneficial treatments is known as Neuromuscular Therapy. This treatment embraces a safer, holistic, and much more natural approach. A very large number of patients have found better success with Neuromuscular Therapy.

NMT is best described as finely pinpointed manipulation of soft tissue areas. It involves a thorough physical examination as well as consultation with the patient in order to determine which tissues are being affected. Certain NMT sessions implement a specific type of massage of these trigger points to flush the tissues and muscles of wastes while warming them. Other procedures to compliment this are passive or active stretching; skin rolling; lymphatic drainage; myofascial release; muscle or potential energy release; and ice/heat.

Targeting these nerve trigger points is the reason that Neuromuscular Therapy is an extremely effective method of treatment. Treatment sessions are uniquely designed for individual patients. During NMT hyper contractions and spasms are located and then released, bringing about effective and efficient relief. The manipulations of NMT aid in the process of healing injured tissue. It also assists in lymphatic and venous flow. Other important elements in the effective treatment of sciatic nerve pain treatment is restoring proper alignment of the patient's posture and encouraging the return of tissue flexibility. Both the NMT sessions and recommended stretches incorporate these important healing management methods.

Stress is often an exacerbating factor in cases of sciatic nerve pain creating a vicious cycle. Excruciating and debilitating pain causes immense stress. Stress causes muscles to tighten, intensifies pain, and, in turn, increases stress. Neuromuscular Therapy alleviates suffering for many reasons, while, at the same time, reducing stress and pain. This decrease in both inhibits the return of stress. It is crucial that individuals suffering from sciatic nerve pain seek out professional medical therapy. This disorder is a sign of nerve damage which requires immediate attention. If the damage remains untreated it can lead to more extensive nerve damage. In some cases the results may be irreparable, leading to a lifetime of pain and suffering. NMT has been found to be not only an effective treatment, but is a whole body healing approach and can eliminate the need for invasive surgery or dangerous pharmaceuticals.

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William Neckman, LMT, NMT (Neuromuscular Therapist in Fort Lauderdale Florida)

William F. Neckman, LMT, NMT

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Annie Tam, LMT, NMT

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