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Disc Herniation

A disc herniation can be very painful, and it is not something anyone wants to suffer. However, this is a relatively common problem, and you will want to know what you can do to deal with this issue so you can relieve your pain and get your normal life back on track. Rio Vista Wellness Center understands the pain people feel and can provide more insight into this type of injury, as well as potential treatment for it. Called neuromuscular therapy, it can help people avoid surgery.

What Is Disc Herniation?

A spinal disc, also called an intervertebral disc, is a cushion between the bones of the spine. They are rubbery and have a soft center and exterior that essentially acts as a shock absorber for the back. However, injuries can often occur in the back. In some cases, the injury will result in a disc herniation. This means that the cushiony center part of the disc slips out through a crack in the outer portion. This can cause problems with the nerves and it can cause pain.

What Are the Symptoms?

The symptoms that a person experiences will generally depend on the location of the herniated disc. Most of the time, the disc herniation will occur in the lower part of the back or up toward the neck. In some cases, you might not notice any symptoms at all. However, this is the exception and not the rule. Pain is generally going to accompany the herniation.

You could notice pain that radiates down the arms and/or the legs. You could notice pain in the back or the neck near the site of the herniation. Some sufferers will notice that they have numbness or weakness in their arms or their legs. Sciatica could result from the herniation, as well. The pain can be difficult to live with, and in many cases, it can feel unbearable.

Causes and Risk Factors

A herniated disc can occur for a range of different reasons. Some people work in professions that can put them at a greater risk. If they are bending, lifting, and twisting often, it could increase the risk. Lifting something improperly could cause a herniated disk, as could participating in contact sports. Car accidents and other trauma can be a cause as well. you might find that your family has a history of disc disease, which can put you at risk, as well. Even consuming too much alcohol or smoking has the potential to cause a disk herniation. Aging and obesity can be factors in this, as well. While people may not be capable of turning back the hands of time to become younger, they can do something about their weight.

How Neuromuscular Therapy Can Help

For many people suffering from this condition, one of the first things they hear is that they might need to have surgery. While this might be the case for some, it does not always have to be the case. Instead, you might want to consider the benefits of using neuromuscular therapy as an alternative. This type of treatment can provide relief for this condition. The therapy works to correct posture, help with biomechanical dysfunction, trigger points, and more.

Just because you have a disc herniation, you do not necessarily need to have surgery. Speak with one of the professional therapists and discuss the possibility of utilizing neuromuscular therapy as a means of pain relief and healing.

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